Body Pulse Next machine launched in Kumasi

Body Pulse Next machine launched in Kumasi

Officials of the two companies with one of the machines

 Blue Naaks Companio Limited in conjunction with Wellmac Global have launched the Companio Body Pulse Next machine, in Kumasi.

The Companio Body Pulse Next machine, is a highly advanced electro-muscle stimulator with embedded technologies to help reduce foot, leg, muscle and shoul­der pains.

Mr. Naresh R. Kadam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wellmack Global explained that, the pilot testing has al­ready began in Ghana where the machine has been given to people for free to use, and “I am getting good feedback from the users.”

The CEO stated that, the launch of the machine was not only about business but also to help Ghanaians to stay healthy and reduce the intake of medicine or drugs.

Mr. Kadam said, “The machine is good for blood circulation and purification, immune system boosting and prevention therapy, with no side effects.”

He added that the machine could also be used as an ave­nue of job creation opportu­nities for the unemployed.

Mr. Michael Asare, Managing Director, Blue Naaks Company Limited, on his part said the device has come to stay to improve the healthcare deliv­ery of the citizenry.

He disclosed that, the machine works on frequen­cies and programmed to get a relief in foot pain, body pain, relief of muscle cramps, lower back pain, upper back pain, strengthening muscles, shoulder pain, sciatica pain, tone muscles and reduces muscle spasms and varicose veins.

 From Kingsley E.Hope, Kumasi

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