Celebrating Christmas the healthy way

Celebrating Christmas the healthy way

Eat healthy during this festive season

In this chapter, we will go to town on the healthy dietary choices and return home on the ones to take in moderation or avoid completely.

To start us off, let’s address the fufu eaters. For us, we can eat fufu with any soup of our choice. Some of the best proteins to add to our soup are fish and boiled egg.

With meats, preferred will be white meats such as chick­en, turkey, and rabbit. If it must be red meat, every fatty part must be trimmed off (lean meat), because red meats can increase our blood cholester­ol, leading to conditions like hypertension.

For our rice dishes, optimal recipes include brown rice with any stew of our choice (protein choices, above will be applied here also), and to top it off, assorted vegetable salad can be added to the meals to make it healthier and it also increases its visual appeal, boosting appetite.

In preparation of our Christ­mas time pastries, we should choose fresh vegetable oil instead of old stale oils or animal fats such as butter and lard.

For our beverage choices, the best would be to make homemade juices from freshly blended and squeezed fruits.

Soft drinks and alcohol should be taken sparingly, be­cause too much of these can predispose us to diabetes and liver failure.

If we can make these simple lifestyle choices, we can bet­ter our health and live long to enjoy many more Christmas­es.

All this being said, we must remember that portion sizes and the timing of our meals is key in making a lasting differ­ence in our health.

I would love to wish us all happy holidays and a fruitful festive season!

By Bernice Korkor Asare


The writer is a Dietician and CEO of Holistic Health Consult

“Your diet your health, your health your wealth”



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