Christians advised to choose friends wisely

An Elder of the Church of Pentecost, Malejor As­sembly, George Nkansah has urged Christians to exer­cise discernment in choosing their friends.

In a compelling sermon to the congregation on the theme ‘Who is your friend?’ Elder Nkansah emphasised the impact friends can have on one’s life and distinguish between those who bring pos­itive influences and those who can lead one astray.

Based on the scriptures – 1st Samuel 18: 1-5 and 19:1-4, Elder Nkansah shared with the congregation the enduring friendship between Jonathan and David.

He highlighted the pivot­al moment when Jonathan, aware of Saul’s plot to harm David, warned his friend and urged him to flee.

This, according to Elder Nkansah, exemplified the essence of true friendship, a bond that transcends mere companionship to encompass support and protection in times of adversity.

Elder Nkansah underscored the negative influence of bad friends, referencing 2nd Samuel 13.

“In this passage, Jonadab’s detrimental impact on Amnon served as a cautionary tale. Instead of steering Amnon away from his misguided intentions towards his sister, Tamar, Jonadab facilitated harmful strategies.”

Elder Nkansah used this example to warn the congre­gation, particularly the youth, against the pitfalls of associ­ating with harmful influences.

Elder Nkansah urged the youth to be vigilant in choos­ing their friends and recognise the potential for negative influences that could lead them astray.

He emphasised the need for divine guidance to avoid falling into the hands of those who may compromise their values.

Concluding his sermon on a spiritual note, Elder Nkansah extolled Jesus Christ as the ul­timate and unwavering friend every Christian should seek.

Unlike fallible human companions, Jesus, he said, is a confidant who will never disappoint or betray.

By George Obeng Osei

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