Don’t copy blindly, make decent dressing hallmark

Don’t copy blindly, make decent dressing hallmark

Rev Prof Dorothy Akoto

 The Vice President of the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, in the Greater Accra region, Rev. Prof. Dorothy B.E.A. Akoto has expressed concern about indecent dressing among females in recent times.

She said the fact that the trend was not just about the youth but even among older people was more worrying be­cause they are expected to set good examples for the younger ones.

Speaking in an interview with The Spectator on Satur­day, Rev. Prof. Akoto observed that the level of exposure of important body parts had be­come common at gatherings.

She said dressing decently and appropriately to functions was important so that they do not become nuisance to others and questioned why men covers up their bodies and the women rather expose them.

Rev. Prof. Akoto said it was about time females rethink and make decency a hallmark.

She advised parents es­pecially mothers to set good examples for their children by encouraging them to dress well when they are going out of their homes.

The Vice President of the Seminary said, people must know that, they did not have to copy blindly or do what others were doing just to be relevant.

She also advised that persons who use social media should be careful so that they do not imitate what could be harmful to them and the soci­ety in future.

She revealed that, some persons had become victims of drug abuse, sexual immorality, alcoholism among others just because they wanted to be like others.

Rev Prof Akoto also urged children to be obedient to their parents and the elderly.

She explained that some­times as children grew up, there was the tendency to feel that they know it all and so would not want to do as they were told but go their own ways.

That, she said, had led to the destruction of many, explaining that on many oc­casions parents advised their children not to do things a certain way because of their experience over the years.

She also advised parents to make their children their friends so that they would be able to freely approach them about their problems in life to receive the right directions so that they do not stray.

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Tema

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