Driver slams brand new car into showroom wall

There are car accidents, and then there are totally avoidable, seriously unfortunate car accidents. A comedian has shared an example of an accident that falls into the latter category on Instagram.

The actor, Sunil Grover, shared a clip which showed a driver ramming his brand new Kia Carnival minivan into a showroom wall minutes after delivery.

The video is not a new one. It went viral on social media in June this year after it was uploaded on YouTube.

In the original clip, a dealership employee was seen explaining something to the driver. The car, with a couple of people sitting inside, then started moving. However, the driver immediately appeared to have lost control of the vehicle, ramming it straight into a wall.

The car hit the wall a couple of times more as the driver tried to reverse, leading some to speculate that he did not know how to control automatic cars.


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