Embrace the truth as hallmark of faith – Pentecost Elder urges Christians

Embrace the truth as hallmark of faith – Pentecost Elder urges Christians

Elder Professor Stephen Owusu Kwankye

An Elder of the Church of Pentecost (COP), Malejor Assembly, Professor Stephen Owusu Kwankye has called on Christians to embrace the truth as a hallmark of their faith.
Addressing the congregation on the theme ‘Know the Truth to Be Set Free,’ he said the growing trend of Christians compromising truth to please people was worrying.
In a thought-provoking sermon that coincided with the observance of the Lord’s Supper, Elder Prof. Kwankye emphasised that truth should be a defining characteristic of every Christian, transcending mere words to encompass one’s character and relationship with God.
He noted that the authenticity of a Christian’s truthfulness often becomes evident through their actions and interactions with others, ultimately influencing how they are perceived within their communities.
Quoting passages from the Bible, specifically John 8:32 and John 14:6, Elder Kwankye stressed the liberating power of truth.
“Jesus declared, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me,” he stated, highlighting the pivotal role of truth in the Christian faith.
Explaining these verses, he asserted that truthfulness should serve as a distinctive marker of a Christian’s identity, drawing others closer to Christ by exemplifying honesty and integrity.
Drawing parallels from the scriptural account of Jeremiah’s era (Jeremiah 5:1-3a), Elder Prof. Kwankye lamented a time when truth had disappeared from the tongues of the people.
He cautioned the congregation against taking God’s mercy for granted, emphasising the potential consequences when divine wrath descends upon those who have strayed from the path of truth.
Elder Kwankye urged Christians to re-evaluate their commitment to truthfulness, asserting that the abundance of God’s mercy should not lead to complacency.
He called for a renewed dedication to truthfulness as an essential hallmark of the Christian faith, reminding the congregation to let their actions mirror the teachings of Jesus Christ.
By George Obeng Osei

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