Emotional bypass surgery – Final Part

Emotional Surgery is the leading prophylactic executive brain massage system in soothing mix mo­tion coloration invented and developed by Robert Ekow Grimmond-Thompson and scrutinized by the renowned Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa – an internationally acclaimed Pathologist to save precious human lives especially execu­tives in very sensitive offices, security & defense officers, Surgeons, pilots, the judicia­ry, the clergy, the legislative arm of government, business­men / women, students and the rest of humanity.

Emotional Surgery was made for de-stressing the executives’ brain from lethal stress and its asso­ciated diseases and dis­comforts: hypertension, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, mental congestion, emo­tional cosmetic deformities, sleep disorders, psychiatric disorders, dementia includ­ing others causing sudden death.

It is used in diagnosing, preventing and also in fight­ing non communicable dis­eases that engineer sudden death of executives. Those who do not sleep early or sleep for less number of hours die early.

Emotional Surgery tunes the entire human body’s rhythm to its base equilib­rium. It is injected through the optic nerve pathways to seduce the brain by induc­ing the neurons (the build­ing blocks of the human brain).

It is to serve the global Security and Defense per­sonnel involved in internal and external peacekeeping operations who return with some forms of Post-Trau­matic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Traumatic Brain injury (TBI, etc.).

It may play a major role in treating dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other neurotic disorders that seem to be on the increase in Ghana, the continent of Africa, and indeed, the world at large. Emotional Surgery shall also help every executive to defragment the brain and refresh the mind by unwind­ing the entire human system before and during working hours, after close of work / during bed time and escape emotional discomforts and diseases.

The increasing lethal health issues facing the world today, such as sui­cidal ideation/suicide, are quite frightening. People are grieving and are going through severe emotional disorders because of stress and sleep deprivation.

These affect the qual­ity of sleep and give birth to diseases very difficult to treat, including cancer, non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the like-but they are all reversible.

Notable personalities and institutions have given testimonies to the efficacy of Emotional Surgery and hailed the ground-breaking work of Mr. Robert Grim­mond-Thompson- a special­ist with super brain driving force.

Among them is Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa, a re­tired Professor of Pathology and former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service who supervised Emotional Surgery. Prof. Akosa is one of the prime sponsors of emotional surgery. A number of Ghanaian senior military and security personnel, including some top-end.

By Robert Ekow Grimmond-Thompson

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