Emotional bypass surgery – Part 3

The information present­ed should serve as a benchmark for profes­sionals in Neurosciences, and all others who would want to understand how the human nervous system operates.

Like any other great chal­lenge, neuroscience should be, and is, full of debate, dissension, and consider­able fun. We always think of going into the shower two or three times a day, change our clothes, underpants, buy luxury cars, live in comfort­able architectural edifices, etc.

Is nourishing our brain and mental faculty not our priority? How many times do we think of doing something special to develop, protect and unwind the brain after stretching and subjecting it through intense pressure and brain storming during the state of wakefulness?

We task our brain heavily everyday without offering this three-pound organ any compensation. Are we that ungrateful…? Has anyone thought of eating any special meal to defend, protect and nourish the human brain in any given day?

The human body is always fighting for its freedom in all spheres of healthy existence and total survival because of the junk food that we consume everyday especially the poisonous oils that we cook with.

The brain will never grant you peace of mind to live comfortably unless you have given it enough food and high quality sleep number of eight hours. High quality sleep plays a major role in the survival of all our organs and longevity.

A certain quantum of insanity sets in when we do not get enough high qual­ity sleep. Then the wrong decisions are implemented because the brain has sensed danger and all the organs start to misbehave with the heart and the nerves play­ing a major role. Diseases set in slowly and get to the titanic stage pretty shortly or later on in life and kills before nature’s stipulated time for one to exit gate of existence. We do not die but we kill ourselves through our lifestyle. Do not forget that you are your own first and last doctor.

Cognitive function and creative intelligence

Emotional Surgery is very skillfully conceptualised, very beautiful combination of 980 trillion plus colours and imagery- a representa­tion of natural phenomena in a way that is unnatural.

The combination of tril­lions of colours- the schemes and all the concepts that come with it speak to the neurons of the human brain to rectify or remedy a condition. It is a time for conserving secret energy and infinitely complex, pro­foundly more interesting and alarmingly more health rel­evant –benefits that service both our executive brains and our bodies.

There does not seem to be one major organ within the human body, or process within the brain, that is not optimally enhanced by Emo­tional Surgery and detrimen­tally impaired when we do not get enough.

It is not just an absence of wakefulness; rather, it is the product of active pro­cesses involving the brain­stem “ascending reticular activating system” that reg­ulates the level of activation of the brain.

Irreversible coma (perma­nent loss of consciousness) resulting from severe head injury is associated with extensive damage to the cerebral cortex, midbrain reticular formation, or both.

Within the brain Emotion­al Surgery enriches a diver­sity of functions, including our ability to focus, learn, memorise and make logical decisions and choices.

By Robert Ekow Grimmon-Thompson

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