Follow JM everywhere to sell paraphernalia- Vendor

Follow JM everywhere to sell paraphernalia- Vendor

Ms Rose Danquah

 Ms Rose Dankwah is neither a personal bodyguard nor the driver of former President, John Dramani Mahama.

She does not also play any role as a protocol officer or function in any official office of Mr Mahama but when asked whether she occupies any position in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party which Mr Mahama leads currently, she responded in the affir­mative.

Although Ms Dankwah of­ficially holds no identifiable position in the party, she remains one of the popular faces in the party’s colours for her penchant to follow the party’s candidate on every campaign trail.

Ms Dankwah, a resi­dent of Kwashiebu in the Greater Accra Region has be­come one of the familiar faces around party campaign grounds with the sale of all kinds of NDC para­phernalia.

She said besides making sales to take care of her needs and those of her family, she also gets ful­filment because she loves the NDC party so much.

Speaking in an inter­view with The Spectator last week when Mr. Maha­ma visited the Ashaiman Municipality to interact with artisans and informal workers, Ms Dankwah said she had been involved in this for over 20 years with former President Jerry John Rawlings.

She recalled in the past when the business was good and quite promis­ing, especially on the travels countrywide, making good sales.

However, she said, “the times have changed; the job is not lucrative as it used to be.”

Ms Dankwah gets her wares from Accra or Kumasi from people who mostly import from China and displays on the ground and also hawks at rally grounds.

Her parapher­nalia rang­es from bracelets, necklaces, scarfs, T-shirts, vuvuzela, whistles and many more.

The trader said the busi­ness comes with some risk like all other businesses, one being the seasonal drop in sales especially in the off political seasons.

When that happens, she and her colleagues pack the items into store rooms and painfully wait for another four years or any political activity involving the party that they might chance on to sell.

Apart from the party paraphernalia, Ms Dankwah sells anything that would provide her daily bread until another election year beckons.

Fascinatingly, she sells strictly NDC paraphernalia and has no plans to sell oth­er political party items.

This, she explained, is to show her loyalty to the NDC party.

Apart from the few challenges related to her business, Ms Dankwah also has a major headache, that is, her rent which is due for expiry in two months’ time.

“I am scared that I might not be in any good position to settle my rent because the political season is yet to kick off. I am one of the few people praying that the political season would kick off in earnest to start making some money for myself.”

In her view, a huge num­ber of paraphernalia ven­dors were not party faith­fuls like her, acknowledging that “all of them are not like me, some support other parties but there are a few that support no political groupings.”

She was of the view that it was time they formed an association to help make life better for paraphernalia vendors.

By Dzifa Tetteh Tay

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