GWR commends Chef Faila despite unsuccessful attempt

GWR commends Chef Faila despite unsuccessful attempt

Chef Faila

The Guinness World Records (GWR) has commended Ghanaian chef, Failatu Abdul- Razak aka Chef Faila for her efforts despite being unsuccessful with her longest cooking marathon by an individual (Cook-a-thon) attempt.

The world body announced last weekend, that Chef Faila’s attempt was unsuccessful citing ‘a violation of the rest break rules’ as the main reason for the disqualification.

Chef Faila took to social media to confirm the news which saw many Ghanaians disappointed, especially coming on the back of Afua As­antewaa’s disqualification for her Sing-a-thon attempt.

However, the GWR commend­ed Chef Faila for her exploits and encouraged her to pursue other attempts in future.

“Although this attempt did not result in a world record, it has been an invaluable experience. I am proud of the dedication and hard work put forth, and I am committed to con­tinuing to push boundaries in the culinary world,” Chef Faila said in a statement.

Chef Faila’s quest to break the GWR began on January 1 and ended on January 10, making an incredible 227 hours.

Just like Afua Asantewaa, many Ghanaians trooped to the Northern Region, specifically Tamale to support Chef Faila to make the nation proud.

She also thrilled patrons with an outstanding presentation of both local and continental dishes, earning wide admiration.

 By Michael D. Abayateye

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