Homemade soya milk

Homemade soya milk

Homemade soya


• 1 bag (150 grammes) of dried yellow soybeans

• Salt to taste

• Sugar to taste (optional)

• Vanilla, cinnamon or chocolate, strawberry to taste


• Ginger (optional)


-Rinse and soak soy beans over­night.

-Pour the bag of soybeans into a colander and run the beans under cool water.

-Blend the soya beans with dates, add water to your taste – thick or watery

-Pour it into a sizeable pot, be­cause it foams a lot

-Heat soy milk for 30 minutes on low temperature.

-Stir continuously so that it does not get burnt

Add vanilla essence for flavour.

Pour into bottles and refriger­ate. Serve cool

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