Need to reduce funeral expenses

Funerals are usually organised to honour the dead because humans are considered special creations of God.

It is, however, becoming worrying that high expenses are usually incurred by families during the organisation of funerals for loved ones.

There is nothing wrong with incurring some costs in connection with funerals but in a situation where millions and millions of Ghana Cedis, sometimes dollars, are spent on the dead, it becomes difficult, sometimes, to understand them.

Today, there is hardly any difference between a party organised for friends and funeral organised for lost ones.

This is because in both instances, sumptuous meals are prepared for those who attend such events, whether party or funeral.

Much money can be saved on funeral and used to cater for children who need to be well educated to become useful, productive members of society.

There have been cases, countless of them, where new cloths are cut and sewn to mark such events. This explains why upon the death of certain people, families that do not have much money begin to weep and weep, realising that getting money for funerals will be difficult to come by.

Some members or families also go and borrow huge sums of money just to organise funerals after which they are mercilessly tackled for the repayment of the loan taken.

All these are lifestyles that are needless and should, therefore, be avoided if we are to live in peace with one another.

It is, therefore, important to minimise expenses on funerals and rather save money for the living. This is what we need to make society a joyous one.

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