Peanut Cake (Nkate cake)

 Peanut Cake (Nkate cake)

Nkate Cake

‘Nkate’ cake is a local snack known for its sweet and nutty flavours. This delicious confec­tion combines crushed ground­nuts or peanuts with melted sugar. Nkate cake is typically enjoyed as a dessert or as a sweet treat.

Its distinct combination of crunchy peanuts and sweet cara­melised sugar creates a delectable texture and flavour that is difficult to resist.

It offers a delightful balance of sweetness and nuttiness.


-Two cups of peanut

– One cup of sugar


-Pour the peanut into the blender and crush it up.

-Meanwhile you heat up your pan and pour out sugar in it to make the caramel sauce. Keep stirring so it does not burn.

-The caramel sauce is now ready so we’ll add our crushed peanuts. Keep stirring till it all comes together.

-One has to stir faster so it doesn’t get hard after that it can be cut into any shape of choice.

-Bag them up and they would be ready for school as snack. This is the best recipe for peanut brit­tle, try it out and let’s see how it comes out.

Benefits of peanuts

-Supports heart health

– Helps to maintain a healthy weight

-Manages blood sugar levels

-Aids weight loss and promotes healthy skin

-Provides protein to the body

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