Creating love in the kitchen

Creating love in the kitchen

Prepare healthy dishes on Vals day

 This is the month of love and we will take a walk through various ways we can make our loved ones happy and satisfied with the best gift ever: a healthy meal.

In this episode, we will take a journey through a healthy full course meal. We will make a stop at some healthy appe­tizers, settle on some mains dishes and sign off on some desserts, so sit back and enjoy the ride.


A wheat bread sandwich with lettuce, cabbage, bell pepper, beetroot, carrots, fresh toma­toes, sesame seed, sardines and shredded skinless grilled chicken, all mixed up in a vinaigrette dressing. The same ingredients may be rolled up in a bread-based wrap.

Another recipe is a mix of fresh avocado, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, boiled eggs, onions, garlic, sardines, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, flax seed, with shredded wheatbread.

Main dish

Grilled potato wedges with skinless grilled turkey with a homemade tomato-based dip.

Another option is an assort­ed fried rice with squid, fish fillet, shrimps, and assorted vegetable salad as mentioned earlier.

Thirdly, jollof rice with lean beef fillet and sautéed vegetables is a delicious healthy option.


Some options for a lovely dessert are Carrot cake, gar­nished with grapes and slices of peach, and cranberry.

A cup of yoghurt, garnished with strawberry is perfect to top it all off.

In conclusion we can make magic in our kitchens by cooking healthy meals in this season of love, to spice up our relationships while keep­ing our loved ones healthy.

The writer is a dietitian and CEO of Holistic Health Consult “Your diet your health, your health your wealth”

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 By Bernice Korkor Asare

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