Philanthropy is An Effort to Pass on the Generosity of our Ancestors – Dr. Tyler Brady

<strong>Philanthropy is An Effort to Pass on the Generosity of our Ancestors – </strong><strong>Dr.</strong><strong> Tyler Brady</strong>

Goodwill and community are the cornerstones of human society. Humans made the progress they made by helping each other grow and thus evolving as a race. The virtues of generosity, helpfulness, empathy, and love towards our fellow human beings have been passed down through generations. Furthering this legacy of goodwill as a species is the reason why philanthropy is essential even today and will always be. This is what Dr. Tyler Brady, a successful cosmetic dentist believes and lives life by.

Dr. Tyler Brady is in a noble profession. Over the years, he has seen great success in his field and prospered greatly. But the biggest win for him has been returning many people their smiles. “The happiness I get when their smile lights up their eyes is unparalleled,” Dr. Brady says. But healthcare, especially dental, is not always affordable or accessible to everyone. This is why Dr. Brady hosts smile giveaways every month where he treats patients for huge discounts or even for free, spreading smiles and goodwill. He also donates a veneer set every month. In a world that’s growing selfish by the day, what motivates Dr.Brady’s philanthropy?

“Acknowledgement and gratitude,” says Dr. Brady. He believes that humans are a product of their environment. So, given a chance to award others the opportunities that he gratefully received, Dr. Brady tries his best to pass the goodwill ahead. Be it through smile giveaways or monetary charity; he invariably endeavors to spread happiness. 

“Philanthropy is not just a feel-good effort. It is an effort to pass on the generosity of our ancestors and a way to ensure that the human society moves forward in harmony,” shares Dr. Tyler Brady. If more people practice philanthropy, the world will be a better place to live in. Dr. Brady entrusts that philanthropy is a gift to both sides. While the receiver gets an opportunity, the giver receives unparalleled joy. It is this joy that connects people, and these connections are what the world needs today.

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