Promotion of national unity is a must

National unity is very important in bringing everyone together for socioeconomic development.

Without unity, it will be difficult for the nation to move in a common direction. For this reason, all of us (children and adults) must work towards our common destiny with the sole aim of bringing everybody together in the interest of Ghana.

Ghanaians are one people with a common destiny. For this reason, we need to come together inspite of our differences and work towards a common goal.

In everything that we do, we should remember that without unity, success will be difficult to achieve. It is in line with this that all Ghanaians irrespective of their ethnic, political and other beliefs ought to bury their differences and forge ahead to achieve the ultimate national goal.

Attainment of the ultimate goal will not be easy but with dedication and a common purpose, this will be possible. Every obstacle or challenge can be overcome if only Ghanaians see themselves as one people with a common destiny.

All the 16 regions in Ghana must be conscientised to this realisation. There must be strong unity at the regional level and also at the national level. This will make the entire nation move forward just like other nations that have been able to move forward in unity to the admiration of their people.

Some time ago, there was East and West Germany. These were divided along ideological lines but today, the two have buried their differences and come together as one nation.

As a result of this unity, Germany today has emerged a strong nation. The Germans have put all their differences behind them and are moving forward for national development.

Ghana, in its supreme interest, must also learn from this so that all the regions will be united as one entity.

The time has now come for the people in this country to have a common voice regarding national development issues. Differences in opinion may exist but we should not see one another as enemies and engage in needless fighting using physical strength as happened in Parliament recently.

We need to unite as a people and fight our common challenges or problems such as poverty, squalor, illiteracy, lack of schools and accommodation, poor healthcare and malnutrition among others. This is the way forward so let us remain united and keep to the national development agenda.

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