Sexual lock is medical, not spiritual – Dr Constantini

Sexual lock is medical, not spiritual – Dr Constantini

Dr ConstantiniDr Constantini

A Specialist Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dr. Dixie Con­stantini of the Women’s Health Obstetrics and Gynaecology has cautioned that the best place to seek help when ‘couples’ suffer Penis Captivus(sexual lock)was the hospital.

Penis captivus occurs when a male organ (penis) becomes stuck in a female’s during sexual inter­course.

She dismissed the myth sur­rounding it and assured that what victims needed in such circum­stance was medical assistance and not anything spiritual.

She made this disclosure in an interview with The Spectator.

This, Dr Constantini explained,is caused by the tightening of the vagina muscles or contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

“When it’s going down, the va­gina expands to accommodate the penis (which increases in length and size as well). After climax, the pelvic floor muscles and the vagina relax and release the penis,” she said.

Her comments was to dismiss the fears and myths surrounding the rare occurrence which has been linked to a number of theo­ries, especially among the locals.

Such phenomena was assumed to be a punishment sought from a supernatural power by an ag­grieved personon lovers in‘illegal’ sexual relationship (adultery or fornication) to cast a spell to expose them.

It is also said that this could happen to persons in legal relation­ship but having intimacy in places forbidden by the society such as the forest, inside a water body or a sacred place.

There are also instances of attempted forceful separation of the ‘locked-up’ couple to avoid embarrassment but this, she said could cause pain and discomfort.

According to her, if the pelvic floor muscles contract more than they need to, or the vagina tightens more than they need to, it could hold the penis a bit more than nec­essary and could lead to individuals getting stuck.

Dr. Constantini stated that could happen to anyone whether married or not and anywhere at any time contrary to the belief that it only happened to persons who were not married or having sex ‘wrongly’.

“There are episodes between married people that do not get dis­cussed in public just because they don’t speak about it. People do get stuck but it’s not a common, thing,” she clarified.

Shedisclosed that most couples got stuck for about 10 seconds after which they were able to separate from each other and the stucked penis usually does not hurt.

“They are rare cases, however, where people have been stuck for longer, the fear of getting caught, especially if the partners find what they were doing wrong could lead to this speculation as a spiritual problem,” she explained.

“Relaxing or thinking about something other than what is actu­ally happening can help with sepa­ration. Trying to forcefully separate does not help. It will cause pain and discomfort,” she cautioned.

She said there may, however, be cases where a visit to the hospital might be necessary and once the female partner was given medica­tion, separation would occur.

 From dzifatettehtay, Ashaiman.

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