Catechist Vida Quartey’s remarkable nine-year service with Cosway-Down Presbyterian Church

Catechist Vida Quartey’s remarkable nine-year service with Cosway-Down Presbyterian Church

● Madam Vida Quartey

After dedicating nine years of her life as the Catechist of the Presby­terian Church of Ghana, Vida Quartey has gracefully retired from her role.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana commemorated her service with a valedictory event at Cosway-Down, North Legon on September 24.

Born on May 28, 1953, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Mrs Vida Quartey grew up in a Presbyterian family, under the care of her grandfather for several months. She experi­enced numerous ministerial relocations during her up­bringing, which influenced her path.

Despite facing educational disruptions due to relocations, Vida developed proficiency in both English and German languages.

Unexpectedly, Vida’s life took a remarkable turn when she encountered a stranger at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra, who provided her with an address in Germany. This encounter ultimately led her to meet her husband, and had traditional marriage in November 1978.

Catechist Vida Quartey held a deep affection for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, but her devotion faced a challenge when she found herself residing in Berlin, a city devoid of this cherished institution.

Undeterred by the absence of her beloved church, she occasionally embarked on pil­grimages to Hamburg, where her cousins resided, in order to partake in worship and connect with the divine.

It was during a solemn funeral gathering in Berlin, marked by the harmonious strains of Presbyterian hymns, that the seed of a ground­breaking idea was planted.

Vida’s heart swelled with determination, and she seized the moment, rising from her seat to propose the establish­ment of a Presbyterian Church right there in Berlin.

Her fervent commitment to the Lord served as the catalyst for this ambitious endeavour.

As Vida embarked on the path to bring her vision to fru­ition, she encountered various challenges, particularly in securing the necessary funds. Yet, her unwavering faith and divine assistance guided her through these obstacles.

Against all odds, the in­augural Presbyterian Church in Berlin was officially es­tablished on May 6, 2001, a testament to Vida’s indomita­ble spirit and her unyielding devotion to the Lord’s work.

Having dedicated herself to the establishment of nu­merous Presbyterian churches throughout Germany, Cate­chist Vida Quartey eventual­ly decided to return to her homeland.

Upon her homecoming, she embarked on a quest to find a place of worship. Fortunately, her journey led her to Haat­so Calvary, but a language barrier, specifically the ‘Ga’ dialect, prevented her from settling there.

In her relentless pursuit of a spiritual community, Vida’s path intersected with Rev. Obeng Ntow, the Minis­ter-in-Charge of Ascension at that time.

He extended an invitation for her to contribute to the Children’s Ministry service and the JY (Junior Youth) pro­gramme at Ascension.

It was not until June 4, 2014, following the transfer of Catechist Nyarko, that Vida found her home at Pleasant Hill Preaching Point, coming from the Haatso District.

Her impact on the congre­gation has been undeniable, as she has diligently worked to earn the hearts of many and has played a pivotal role in soul-winning endeavours.

Throughout her journey as a dedicated Catechist, Vida Quartey achieved remarkable feats and garnered a plethora of well-deserved awards in recognition of her outstanding character and contributions to her community.

Her impact was not only profound but also quantifiable, with a remarkable surge in church member­ship by approxi­mately 70 per cent.

One of her noteworthy accomplish­ments was securing the full payment and official registra­tion of church land, marking a significant milestone in the congregation’s history.

This achievement paved the way for the realisation of an ultra-modern chapel.

The design for this remark­able structure was not just a blueprint; it was a symbol of hope and a testament to Vi­da’s unwavering commitment to the spiritual well-being of her community.

The construction had al­ready commenced, promising a bright future for the congre­gation.

Vida’s dedication extended far beyond the physical as­pects of church development.

She took it upon herself to nurture and guide approx­imately 50 individuals along their spiritual journey through a programme akin to a ‘maturity school.’

Her guid­ance and men­torship were instrumental in helping these souls grow spiritual­ly, fostering a deeper connec­tion with their faith.

Ad­dressing the congre­gation on the pro­found theme of ‘Depending on God,’ Vida Quartey shared compelling snippets from her personal life journey, highlighting pivotal moments when the benevolent hand of the Lord intervened during her most trying circumstanc­es.

Her impassioned message resonated with the congre­gation as she conveyed the invaluable lesson that unwav­ering reliance on the Lord’s guidance yields blessings beyond imagination.

● Madam Vida and daughter

Drawing inspiration from the biblical texts, specifical­ly citing Jeremiah 17:7 and Psalm 103, Catechist Vida Quartey imparted a profound message.

She encouraged each individual in the journey of life to earnestly contemplate whether their actions align with the divine will.

She posed the crucial question: “Does what I am about to do bring pleasure to the Lord?” This introspective inquiry serves as a compass, guiding individuals toward a life that is pleas­ing in the eyes of the Almighty.

In the tapestry of humanity, each of us possesses our own unique set of prefer­ences and aver­sions.

Cate­chist Vida Quartey candidly shared her personal distaste, which centres on individ­uals who habitually arrive late for church gatherings, juxtaposed with her profound appreciation for fostering unity and harmony among the congregation.

Vida Quartey emphasised that her discontent stems from those who perpetually exhibit tardiness in attending church services, yet paradox­ically espouse the values of fraternity and collective joy.

In her view, the fundamen­tal tenet that binds human­ity together is our shared lineage, tracing back to the common ancestors, Adam and Eve.

She passionately advocat­ed the eradication of any divi­sive elements such as racism or tribalism within the church community, underscoring the importance of recognising one another as brothers and sisters in the larger human family.

By George Obeng Osei

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