Urgent renovation needed for Koforidua Central Market

Urgent renovation needed for Koforidua Central Market

Crowded Koforidua Central Market

 Dear Editor,

 I am writing to draw attention to a pressing issue that affects the heart of our community, ie, the state of the Central Market in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region.

In recent times, the Koforidua Central Market has become an issue of concern among its inhabitants. The market is a bustling hub, with a mul­titude of traders offering their goods and services to the local population. However, the current condition of the market is a cause for alarm.

The central market’s infrastructure has deteriorated over the years, and it is now in a state of disrepair. The recent increase in rainfall has wors­ened the situation, as the market’s roofing is unable to provide adequate protection.

Consequently, traders often find their goods drenched, leading to sub­stantial financial losses. It is disheart­ening to witness hardworking individu­als struggle to make ends meet due to this avoidable problem.

Moreover, the stores within the Ko­foridua Central Market is inadequate for the number of traders it accom­modates.

This overcrowding not only ham­pers business operations but also poses safety concerns. A thoughtful renovation that includes expanding the market would greatly benefit our community.

The condition of the gutters within the market is yet another concern.

These gutters are perpetually clogged, and the situation deteri­orates significantly during heavy rainfall.

The resulting stagnant water not only obstructs the movement of both traders and customers but also cre­ates an unsanitary and foul-smelling environment.

This poses health hazards and neg­atively impacts the overall experience of those who trade near the gutters.

I am writing this letter to implore the relevant authorities to take imme­diate action.

The renovation of the Koforidua Central Market is imperative to cre­ate a conducive atmosphere for our hardworking traders and improve the overall living conditions in our beloved city.

We must ensure that our communi­ty members can conduct their busi­nesses without fear of financial losses or health hazards.

I urge all concerned parties, in­cluding government officials, mu­nicipal authorities, and community leaders, to prioritise the renovation and expansion of the Koforidua Cen­tral Market.

Let us work together to restore this vital economic and social hub to its former glory and create a thriving, clean, and safe environment for our traders and residents.

George Obeng Osei Koforidua

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