Dietary management of diabetes mellitus

Dietary management of diabetes mellitus

Drinking alcohol and smoking can cause diabetes

 This week’s article will be the last chapter on the diabetes series, and we will discuss the import­ant lifestyle changes we need to adopt to help fight diabetes.

Obesity is a massive risk factor leading to the diag­nosis of diabetes mellitus.

An ideal weight is a step closer in achieving a nor­mal blood sugar, hence the role of exercise in con­trolling diabetes cannot be over-emphasised.

Smoking and alcohol consumption are fast leading to a rise in our blood sugar. Though it may be difficult to stop these habits abruptly, we must try our best to stop smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol to save ourselves from diabetes.

Foods high in cholesterol, for example cheese, butter, and red meat, greatly increase the incidence of diabetes. Reducing these kinds of foods in our diet will greatly reduce our chances of becoming diabetic.

Fizzy drinks are a huge reason some of us end up becoming diabetic, and this fact cannot be sug­ar-coated. We must cut down on these drinks as soon as possible if we hope to grow up free from diabetes.

The take-home message from all this is that we should do all we can to prevent diabetes, because it comes with a lot of serious complications and prob­lems. Changing our bad habits, one day at a time, will go a long way in prolonging our state of good health.

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 By Bernice Korkor Asare

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