Don’t lose faith in God …Pentecost Elder tells congregation

Don’t lose faith in God …Pentecost Elder tells congregation

Elder Richard Ofori Amanfo

The Presiding Elder of the Church of Pente­cost, Emmanuel Assem­bly has urged Christians not to lose their trust in God.

Speaking under the theme “There is Hope for the Fu­ture,” Elder Amanfo offered insights into navigating life’s uncertainties and finding solace in faith.

Addressing the assembly, Elder Amanfo acknowledged the many questions life poses, asserting that the answers may not always be apparent.

Nevertheless, he em­phasised that as long as individuals hold fast to their faith, there will always be a guiding light at the end of life’s tunnel.

In his sermon, Elder Amanfo drew inspiration from biblical verses, specifi­cally Jeremiah 31:15-17 and Lamentation 3:26.

He recounted the emo­tional story of Rachel, who, feeling a lack of hope for her children, wept uncontrolla­bly, and drawing parallels to the uncertainties of human existence, Elder Amanfo emphasised that only God comprehends the ultimate fate of each individual.

Highlighting the pathway to God’s blessings for the future, Elder Amanfo urged the congregation to adopt a stance of quiet patience and wait for the salvation of the Lord.

He cautioned against the tendency to speak excessive­ly, noting that self-disclosure could sometimes be the root cause of personal challeng­es.

Furthermore, Elder Aman­fo encouraged Christians to resist the voice of weeping and tears, acknowledging the therapeutic nature of expressing emotions.

Citing the biblical ac­count of Jesus weeping but subsequently raising Lazarus, he urged congregants to gather strength after tears, trust in the Lord, and revive their “Lazarus” – a symbolic reference to rejuvenating hope in seemingly desolate situations.

 By George Obeng Osei

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