Fix Oyibi- Ashaiman road

 Dear Editor,

The year 2020 was dedicated as a “Year of Roads” by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Ad­do but it appears some Ghanaians are yet to feel the impact of that declaration.

Although a number of roads are under construction, there are still some that have been left unattend­ed. The Oyibi-Ashaiman stretch, for instance, has been of major concern for residents of the area as they endure hectic moment finding their way to and from their work­places daily.

Drivers say they visit mechanics almost every day due to the rugged road which affects their vehicles as they attempt dodging huge potholes on the stretch.

Residents believe authorities have swept their concerns under the carpet as there are no inidi­cations the road would be fixed anytime soon. I, therefore, wish to once again highlight the challenges that persist so some work could be initiated on the road as quickly as possible.

George Obeng Osei, Oyibi.

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