Health benefits of fruits

Health benefits of fruits

Great source of essential vitamins: fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Eating a variety of fruits in the form of a fruit salad can go a long way in stimulating the energy level and health factor of the body.

High in fiber content: The presence of di­etary fiber in fruits can keep the blood choles­terol level in check and also reduce the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes in individuals. Fiber-rich fruits such as strawberry, apple, ba­nana and mango also possess anti-carcinogenic properties.

-Excellent source of nutrition for pregnant women: Fruits contain folate (folic acid) that helps the body to form red blood cells. It is advisable for pregnant women to consume

 fruits (orange and grapefruit) in optimum amounts and enrich their body with folic acid. It helps reduce the risk of physical and mental deformities in the fetus.

-Regulates blood pressure: Fruits like bananas, oranges, avocado that are rich in potassium can help you maintain a nor­mal blood pressure. They are also low in carbs and fat; hence they naturally prove healthier than any other food substitute.

-Keeps body weight in check: Fruits that are rich in vitamin C prove beneficial in controlling the body weight. Moreover, fruits do not contain any saturated fats or cholesterol that are harmful for cardiac health.

-Aids in digestion: Fruits with high-fiber content retain laxative properties and ease the process of digestion in the human body. This also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

-Nourishing the skin and hair: They are high on anti-oxidants that help the skin to retain its radiance and glow. Fruits like papaya, coconut, etc. can fight various dermatological disorders. Fruits containing vitamin A give the hair a lustrous look.

-Hydrates the body: Owing to the high amount of water in most of the fruits, they are an easy and quick source of hy­dration. Their intake is equally important during summers and winters.

-Boosts the immune system: Fruits are rich in calcium, magnesium and even essential vitamins like Vitamin K and Vitamin E. These can treat various chronic disorders and also improve our resistance against germs and diseases.


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