How to make your home more romantic

How to make your home more romantic

You don’t always need to go outside your home for a romantic getaway. You can create a more romantic home that can remind you of the love that you share with each other each passing day.

In this article, we share some best design tips to help create a more romantic home from your bedroom and beyond.


This is not the most enjoyable chore for many people. However, nothing kills romance faster than clutter. So if you’re really bent on creating a more romantic abode, then your piles of random things on the various surfaces around your home should be the first things to go.

Decluttering will free up more space for you to add other decorative elements. Once you’re done decluttering, yon can now move on to feature your favourite home interior accessories to achieve that romantic look.


Lighting can drastically change the look and mood of your home in an instant. The warmer and dimmer the lights the more intimate it will feel, and thus, more romantic.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting pieces that match your style. However, creative lighting does not mean you should settle for the types beyond your budget. Try to keep it simple but significant.

Wall Art

Another decorative element that can definitely set the mood in any interior space is wall art. It may be ideal to use photos taken during particularly memorable moments in your relationship such as your wedding or first date.

You may as well choose memorable words such as a favourite line from your vows or an inside joke that only the two of you share.

Cushion Covers

It is said that the more pillows you have, the more cuddling opportunities you’ll get. However, a pile of plain pillows can easily get boring. Hence, dress them up with stylish cushion covers. Choose soft colours in interesting textures over bright-coloured colours and patterns. And pile them together with layers of cozy blankets.


Candles are usually categorised under lighting but they can stand alone as another kind of decorative element. Scented ones can add up to the romance factor. Sweet, sugary scents like cinnamon, and vanilla are but a few of the options available.


Natural flowers such as red roses symbolise love, passion, and romance. There’s a reason roses are given during Valentine’s Day. Other flowers are fluffy, delicate, and stunning and may be perfect for keeping things more ‘personal and intimate.’

Indeed some cultures consider certain kinds of flowers a good luck charm. It wouldn’t hurt to have that ‘extra luck’ around if you’re about to have a romantic dinner to patch things up. 

Apart from their beautiful and natural outlook, flowers are considered a symbol of attraction and could go a long way to spice up the romantic atmosphere at home.

In conclusion, it must be emphasised that keeping your home neat and tidy is the first step towards creating a more romantic atmosphere at home.

Choose home accessories that show elegance but in more subdued colours and patterns. And remember that candles are more than just pieces for mood lighting. Their scent can stimulate the senses and create and add passion to any home. The same applies to flowers.

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