Husband and Wife Joke

• Wife: “How is it going, honey!”

Husband: “I have a big problem at work.”

Wife: ”Your problem is our problem! Tell me what has happened!”

Husband: “Then, congratulations, we will become parents!”

Wife: “Why is that, honey?”

Husband: “Our secretary is pregnant!”

• Wife: “I wish I was a newspaper so I could be in your hands all day”

Husband: “I also wish you were a news­paper so I could have a new one every­day.”

• A boy asked his dad – “Dad, what’s the difference between confident and confi­dential, the dad replied- “You are my son, I am confident about that. Your friend over there is also my son but that is confiden­tial”

• Someone asked an old man- “Sir, even after 70 years of age, you still call your wife honey, darling, sweetheart… what’s the secret behind that? The old man re­plied- “Shortly after I married her, I forgot her name and I am scared to ask.”

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