Married man eager to marry me

I met this married man a couple of years ago and he has literally become my greatest provider and everything.

He has rented and furnished a new apartment for me, and provides for my needs.

Though he is married and has four children, he has promised to marry me in addition to his wife, provided l could keep our love affair secret.

His wife is the quarrelsome type who can team up with people to cause disturbance whenever she hears about the husband in an extramarital affairs.

Should l accept his proposal to marry me?

Mary, Cape Coast.

Dear Mary,

The saying goes that ‘all that glitters is not gold,’ therefore, you should not depend on the money and the nice things being lavished on you because this will not be forever.

Trouble will definitely come if this man’s wife gets to know that you have an illicit affair with her husband and the consequences will not be pleasant.

Additionally, you are likely to have problems with this man’s children who will surely side with their mother in all matters.

Since you have had enough from him, try to set aside his proposal and live an independent life to guarantee a future without troubles.


Humu Nuhu. Tuesday, June 1, 2020, was your birthday. I wish to indicate that you are a gift to the world for which you deserve the best of everything. On this special occasion, l pray that you receive the joy of life and absolute peace of mind. Belated happy birthday, dear.

From: Rashid, your brother.

Akosua Boakyewaa Mensah. We are filled with joy for the opportunity to celebrate another birthday in good health. On this special occasion, we wish to thank God and pray for His continued blessings and protection.Belated happy birthday.

From: Mr Michael Wonder and Mrs Priscilla Ehun.

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