My cheating girlfriend wants me back

Dear Obaa Yaa,

A girl I dated for over three years cheated on me with my friend and I ended the relationship.

My pain was not because she cheated on me, because I also cheated on her once and she forgave and stayed with me after pleading with her.

What I couldn’t stand was the fact that she slept with somebody I knew and someone I least expected to do this to his friend’s girl.

Now this girl is back; following me everywhere and seeking for forgiveness and come back to me.

I have assured her of my forgiveness and that I have noth­ing against her and my friend but she is not convinced.

She has put me in a tight corner with a request to take her back because she did same for me.

The difficulty is that the sight of her brings back those memories.

Quarmyne Seth, Odumase

Dear Seth,

I must say that I applaud you for forgiving your girlfriend and your friend especially when she forgave you when you cheated too.

I would, however, advise you against accepting her again because you would be tempted to cheat on her again.

In your situation now, trust in your relationship is no more. Just forgive her and move on. It doesn’t take a day to forget someone, especially when you both have memories together. It could take a longer time so it’s up to you to know what you actually want and go for it.

See what makes you busy and happy like going out with your friends, listening to music, going for parties, trips, just to get busy. It can help you recover.

Also, be very careful bout your friend too because he has betrayed your trust.

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