He has a ‘bushy’ armpit

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am a young lady of 25 years and my boyfriend is 30 years. We have been dating for three years now and I must confess I am certain I have met my dream partner.

We have always been happy togeth­er since we met and this has made our friends very envious of our relationship.

However, there is this one particular thing about him that is putting me off and making me have a rethink about our relationship.

The issue is that he has a very ‘bushy’ armpit which is embarrassing to me.

I have spoken to him about it several times but each time I complain, he will tell me that it makes him feel comforta­ble and sexy.

Obaa Yaa, I really love this guy and do not wish to leave him but I don’t like the unkempt armpit either.

What do you suggest I do?




Dear Diana,

I would suggest you have a little pa­tience with him. I believe that if you continue complaining about it, he will eventually come to the realisation that you do not like his over-hairy-armpit and gradually clear it if he really loves you.

However, you need to be careful about how you go about it in order not to sound disrespectful. You must talk to him in a calm and respectful manner; that way he’ll listen to you and trim it.

Also, you could promise to get him a reward if he gets it shaved.

I believe this would help save your relationship.

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