Meet Nanny McPhee-the rare cat with two noses

Meet Nanny McPhee-the rare cat with two noses

Cat McPhee

Cats are famously said to have nine lives. But one cat has become famous for another numerical rea­son – its two noses.

The “one-of-a-kind” double-snouted moggy has been taken in by Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre.

Staff at the centre, in Cheshire, have named her Nanny McPhee – after the fictional film character with a distinctively shaped nose.

Staff initially believed the four-year-old feline had one large nose.

However, a check-up from veterinary staff revealed it to be two.

“A cat with two noses is a first for us in the field vet team,” says Fiona Brockbank, a senior field veterinary officer at Cats Protection.

“This is a real rarity and, thankfully, it isn’t causing her any problems at all.”

Ms Brockbank says Nanny McPhee has what doctors call a “congenital malfor­mation”.

These conditions are commonly referred to as “birth defects” because they develop inside the womb.

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