Obuasi-Tarkwa highway needs urgent repairs

Obuasi-Tarkwa highway needs urgent repairs

Obuasi Road

 Dear Editor,

As a concerned citizen of this country, I find it diffi­cult to understand why we allow our infrastructure to deteriorate before deciding to give it some attention.

Recently, while travelling along the Obuasi-Tarkwa highway, I was appalled by the deplorable state of the road, particularly around the Bediem area.

The road surface has forced drivers to navigate cautiously, significantly slowing down traffic flow.

It is crucial to recognise the significance of this highway, not just as a vital artery for commuters but also as a crucial route for businesses in the Obuasi and Tarkwa regions.

Given the prominence of mining activities in these areas, the efficient func­tioning of this road is essen­tial for facilitating econom­ic activities and ensuring the smooth transportation of goods and services.

I implore the Ministry of Roads and Highways to prioritise an urgent inter­vention along this stretch of the highway.

Timely repairs and main­tenance are imperative to restore the road to a safe and navigable condition.

By addressing these infrastructure challenges promptly, we can allevi­ate the hardships faced by commuters and businesses while simultaneously safe­guard the revenue generat­ed from economic activities in the regions.

It is my sincere hope that swift action will be taken to address these concerns and uphold the integrity of our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

Together, let us work to­wards creating a safer and more prosperous environ­ment for all citizens.

Abigail Serwaa Boateng,

Obuasi, Bediem.

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