Let’s ensure peaceful Easter celebration

 The central beliefs of Chris­tianity, which mark Easter as a season of joy and cele­bration, centre on the death and triumphant resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is a deeply symbolic act that reminds Christians everywhere of the great sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the salvation of humani­ty and the benefits that they have gained through redemption.

The festival strengthens ties among believers on a spiritual and social level.

Despite being a spiritual obser­vance, when Christians celebrate by going to church, hosting con­ventions, and, for some, fasting for 40 days beforehand in order to pray and meditate they also enjoy themselves.

Families spend significant time together at Easter celebra­tions, savouring delectable meals accompanied by lively music and dancing, fortifying relationships and forming enduring memories.

Of course, activities like picnics, street fairs, and a para­gliding festival at Kwahu would be highlights of the celebration, in addition to having fun at the beaches.

To celebrate the cheer and co­ziness of the season, some people will even host parties during the holidays, particularly on Easter Monday.

The Spectator want to encour­age Christians to follow Jesus Christ’s example by being kind and compassionate to others during all of these festivities.

It is a regular occurrence for certain drivers to drive irrespon­sibly on our roads during festive events.

In order to maintain safety, The Spectator appeals to motor­ists, pedestrians, and other road users to exercise patience. To guarantee a calm celebration, Easter revelers should exercise extra caution and security aware­ness.

Comparably, thieves also take advantage of festive occasions to carry out a variety of evil actions.

The Spectator is happy to report that the Ghana Police Ser­vice (GPS) has begun a series of sensitisation exercises in churches and other social gathering places to warn the public to exhibit addi­tional caution during this time to avoid becoming victims of crimi­nal activity.

We are also happy that certain measures have been implemented to increase police officers’ visi­bility and availability so they can respond to requests more quickly.

Together, let’s exercise caution and comply with police directives by being familiar with the numer­ous police emergency numbers so we can quickly dial them in the event of an attack.

Let us ensure we celebrate Easter in peace.

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