Promoting education among children: Give boys, girls equal opportunities – Otublohum Manye advises

Promoting education among children: Give boys, girls equal opportunities – Otublohum Manye advises

Naa Densua V

The newly enstooled Queen mother of Otublohum in Ga Mashie, Accra, Naa Densua V, has expressed concern about the seeming disregard for boys in the quest to promote ‘girl child education’.
Speaking after her enstoolment on Friday, Naa Densua V said it appeared boys were being neglected while the focus had turned to the girls.

“We need to give both boys and girls equal opportunities to be educated. There are a lot of boys in the community who are not in school and no one cares; the fact that we want our girls too in school doesn’t mean it should be to the disadvantage of the boys.

“Let’s give all of them the same opportunities and a level playing field. Education is a right for all and not just girls,” she stressed.

In her capacity as Queen mother of Otublohum, her first task would be to ensure that boys and girls in the community received the same attention as far as education was concerned.
She attributed the development to a popular saying by a Ghanaian scholar, Dr James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey, which alludes that “if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family.”

She pledged to work with the chiefs, elders and people of Otublohum to foster development in the area and beyond.
“We need to remain united and form a strong bond that would help us progress as a community,” she said.
Naa Densua V, known in private life as, Violet Eve Naa Adukwei Bruce Vanderpuye, was installed following the demise of the late Queen mother of the area, Naa Densua IV, who passed on seven years ago.
She swore an oath of allegiance to the chiefs and people of Otublohum and promised to be available anytime she was called upon.
The Head of Family of the Naa Densua We, Nii Okanta Vandepuye, who administered the oath, said they were pleased to have a Queen mother that had the progress of the people at heart.

“The swearing of the oath of allegiance is a reminder to her that she needs to serve the family. If she is called upon at any time and she fails to respond, that would mean she is not ready to serve her people.”

“It is our hope that she would abide by the obligations. We expect her to work hard, unite the family, and together we can achieve our developmental goals,” he stated.
By Michael D. Abayateye

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