Reasons to fall in love again – final

Reasons to fall in love again – final

You risk talking yourself out of trying to find the love that’s meant for you.

If you convince yourself that good men don’t exist, then you essentially talk yourself out of trying to find love. You tell yourself that it’s a lost cause and that you’re only going to be fighting a losing fight. And that’s all untrue. You always have a shot at love so as long as you believe.

 You might think of yourself to be undeserving of love.

The more you buy into this idea that only bad men exist in your life, you might effectively lower your self-esteem. You might consider yourself to be unworthy of love and that’s bad for you in the long run. You never want a diminished sense of confidence.

 It’s irrational to think that all men are bad.

So many men roam the face of this earth. It would be downright irresponsible and irrational for you to think that all men are automatically bad. That’s just mathematically illogical. There are bound to be good men out there.

You risk becoming a woman that good men don’t date.

Good men don’t want to be around women who are always so negative and cynical. And that’s exactly the kind of woman you are going to be if you convince yourself that all men are bad; that all men are not to be trusted.

You shut yourself off from the possibility of finding love.

At the end of the day, you’re just going to have to believe in love if you eventually want to find it for yourself. You are never going to be able to find love unless you believe in its existence. And so, if you convince yourself that there are no good men out there for you to find, you are essentially shutting the door for love to walk into your life.

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