Should l marry his friend?

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have been married for two years and were happy from the beginning.

At that time, my happiness was the utmost desire of my husband but suddenly he began to disassociate himself from anything that concerns my happiness.

I am a pharmacist and my hus­band works at a reputable company.

Though my husband is very sup­portive and hardworking, his current behaviour has started to affect me greatly, and I am beginning to lose interest in him.

I met this new friend who has shown interest in me and does ev­erything possible to make sure that I am always happy.

I am beginning to develop feel­ings and affections for him, and even considering to marry him so that I can achieve my happiness.

Should I go ahead and marry him or I should wait for my husband with the hope that he will change?

Roberta, Accra


Dear Roberta,

There is no situation that is permanent in this world so you must be prepared to accept the fact that people can change over time.

Since your husband was very supportive, loving and caring from the beginning but has sudden­ly changed, you must be sincere to yourself and find out whether your behaviour has caused him to change.

Though your friend has been good to you and ensured that you are happy, that should not lead to marriage.

So far as you are still married to your husband, you will compound your problem if you go ahead and marry this gentleman.

First of all, it will destroy the re­lationship between the three of you.

What is the guarantee that the love this gentleman is expressing will last? Have you forgotten how your husband loved you at the begin­ning of your relationship?

Do not take any hasty decision because you can’t tell what will happen in future.

Your husband could change while this gentleman could be a pretender, an opportunist or something else.

A pretender will exhibit his true character when he gets what he is looking for.

Kindly hold onto what you have, no matter how bad it may look.

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