My wife likes funerals too much

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I have been married to my wife for 10 years now. Before we got married, she was an angel but now she has no time for me and our children.

Her interest now is attending funer­als and outdooring. She can even stay at funerals for three days.

In her absence, she makes no ar­rangement for our feeding and we rely on kenkey, fish and pepper.

I do not have a problem with her go­ing for these events but my concern is she should make arrangements for me and the children before leaving.

This, I believe is not too much a task to ask from my wife.

I need advice on how to make her put a stop to this, please.

Kofi Zakutu,



Dear Zakutu,

You did not state in your letter whether you have complained about your wife’s craze for funer­als.

In any case, engage her in a chat but if that fails, summon her before her parents and lodge a formal complaint.

I believe if she is talked to with seri­ousness, she will limit her unwarranted outings.

I hope you have not done anything to her which is making her behave the way she is doing now

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