The maid is one hell of a pretender

Dear Obaa Yaa,

My house help is 16 years of age. She has been living with me for the past seven months.

Obaa Yaa, I have virtually lived with her like my sister but she is too much of a pretender and she is forgetful as well.

When I am around, she would try to do everything correctly and play with the kids but when I am not, she does not do all these things.

I have spoken to her a number of times but change is not showing in her character.

Obaa Yaa, are my children safe with her? What should I do?

Mama Jane,

Dansoman, Accra.


Dear Mama Jane,

I am afraid your children cannot be safe in the hands of a pretender who is also forgetful.

Why don’t you get another maid once the one you have is not prepared to change?

Get someone with a better sense of duty and responsibility and then you can have your peace of mind whenever you are not home.

And remember, the earlier, the better.

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