The journey of Adonko: The timeless elegance of Ghana’s mesh weaving hairstyle

The journey of Adonko: The timeless elegance of Ghana’s mesh weaving hairstyle

The mesh weaving hairstyle in the old­en days was a dominant and formal technique used for creating an African hairstyle known as ‘Adonko.’

It was considered a symbol of beauty among women and young ladies during the time, and it continues to thrive, particularly in rural areas.

Adonko is a popular hairstyle in Ghana that involves braided cornrows with extensions for added length and volume.

Hairdressers who possess the necessary skills are typically the ones entrusted with this art.

They meticulously divide the hair into various sections, using a comb and braid each portion from the roots and incorporate extensions to achieve the desired length and thickness.

It comes in various styles, depending on what a client desires.

Adonko hairstyles ranges from Adonko Corn­rows which are braided in patterns and de­signs, Adonko Feed-in Braids which are made from hair extensions for length and volume, Adonko Fulani Braids which are made from smaller cornrows, beads, and hair accessories inspired by the Adonko style and the last be­ing Adonko Tribal Braids which are made from twists and patterns from the Adonko design.

These hair artisans then skillfully style the braids into various patterns like buns or pony­tails, securing them with hair ties or pins.

To enhance the hair’s beauty, they often adorn it with beads or other hair accessories to add a touch of elegance.

Sixty-seven years after Ghana’s indepen­dence, Adonko has stood the test of time, remaining a cherished hairstyle in Ghanaian culture.

By Georgina Boadiwaa Ntim

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