Yake Yake recipe

Yake Yake recipe

Yake Yake


1 large peeled cassava soaked overnight in water (this gets rid of any toxins present in the cassava)

1 tablespoonful of corn flour

1\2 a teaspoon of salt

1 litre of water


Remove cassava tuber from water and grate the cassava into a bowl. Mash the grated cassava using a small mortar and pestle or potato masher.

Drain the water from the grated cassava with the use of a clean cloth. Squeeze until no water is left.

Use a mesh strainer to sieve the dried cassava into a bowl.

Add corn flour to the dried cassava and sieve again. Add salt and stir.

Put water on fire in a saucepan and allow it to boil.

Place a fine clean cloth into a colander and put the dried grated cassava mixed with corn flour and salt into it. Cover the sauce pan with its lid and let the food steam for a while.

Remove when it hardens and serve. It can be served with ground dried pepper and any type of fish.

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