Can l question him now?

We have been married for seven years and blessed with two children. Though we are not rich, we can be described as one of the happy couples in town.

A couple of years ago, my husband delayed in coming home after close of work without any plausible explanation. 

When l complained, he insisted my concerns had no basis and that l was overly becoming jealous of people who genuinely approached him for business.

Fortunately, the cat was let out of the bag when l had information about his lover and the house of the girlfriend.

Last month, l decided to go to the house when l had information that he had just arrived in the house.  True to the information received, l met him in the house eating with the lady.

My husband became confused when he saw me and could not eat the sumptuous meal that had been prepared for him.

Without raising an alarm, l asked him to get ready so that we go home.

He washed his hands and we went home together as though nothing had happened.

The informants called to find out if he had travelled because it has been a long time since they saw him in the area.

Can l question him now?

Vic, Accra.

Dear Vic,

You are well composed and have done what many women cannot do under such a bizarre circumstance without causing confusion and exchanging blows.

I think your plan has worked to perfection and l am convinced your husband has regretted his action.  Having been caught in the act, there is no way denying any longer.

He would have been emboldened if you had generated a fight and this would have provided him the opportunity to return in order to appease the lady.

Allow the matter to die a natural death.

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