Dzenkple/Akpledze is one of the numerous Akple recipes of the Ewes.

It is cooked with stew to gain itsreddish colour, hence the name Dzenkple literally Red Akple.


2 kilograms of Palm nuts

1 pound of meat (steamed)

3 large crabs


1 large onion

4 tomatoes

3 garden eggs

4 scotch bonnet pepper

1 tablespoonful of ground ginger

Roasted corn flour

Red beans (boiled)

Method for making Dzenkple

-Wash palm nuts and pour them into a saucepan.

-Add water and some green local peas to it and boil for an hour. Check if the coat of the palm nut slips off the nut when rubbed with your fingers. (That means it is ready).

-Pound the palm nuts, add water and sieve to separate the chaff and nuts from the liquid after adding water.

-Put another saucepan on the fire and add your steamed meat with its stock. Also add the toma­toes, chopped onions, tin toma­toes, ginger and salt.

-Sieve the palm nut mixture again into the saucepan on the fire and stir.

-Leave it to cook for some time.

-Boil your garden eggs and pep­per in another small saucepan.

-Blend the garden eggs, pepper and tomatoes, sieve it and pour into the soup on fire.

-Let it boil for a while and add your crabs and herrings.

-Allow it to boil for some time and taste to see if it is ready.

-If it is ready, remove it from the fire and set aside.

-Put another saucepan on the fire and pour some of your palm nut soup into it. Add some crabs and herrings.

-With a wooden spoon, stir the roasted corn flour into the palm nut soup and stir consistently for some time.

-Leave it to cook for a while and serve.

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