Distill choked gutters to avoid flooding in rainy season

Distill choked gutters to avoid flooding in rainy season

A choked gutter

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to the atten­tion of the concerned authorities and health professionals about the choked gutters ahead of the rainy season.

As the rainy season approaches, residents who have erected their properties along water ways would begin to worry over their properties.

The fears that come with rainy sea­sons is the flood that accompanies it due to blocked water passages, typi­cally choked gutters which certainly give them problems.

In many parts of Accra, gutters are choked which make water passage very difficult.

The major cause of this problem is the fact that most people dump re­fuse in these gutters, not minding the consequences it might have on those who reside alongside the drainage lines.

It is time for the appropriate au­thorities to put measures in place to make the public put a stop to this at­titude of dumping refuse in gutters.

I would like to urge concerned authorities to as a matter of urgency take a swift action in handling this to make the environment a healthy place for us.

Naomi Agyemang,


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