He has disappeared

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I fell in love with this gentleman who was very vibrant in his church and the community. He was the lead singer in the church and was able to win many souls for the church through his inspirational singing.

Though we promised to abstain from sex, l had the shock of my life when both of us could not resist the temptation to stay away from sex and l became pregnant.

Surprisingly, ever since l informed him that l was pregnant, he stopped calling my telephone and the greatest shock of my life is that this gentleman has left his house for an unknown destination.

Checks in his house have revealed that the man he had informed me as his elder brother is a mere benefactor and allowed my boyfriend to stay with him since he was stranded.

What shall l do with the pregnancy since my parents are not aware and l am embarrassed?

Ama, Accra.

Dear Ama,

The condition in which you find yourself will definitely make you to be disturbed. You have made a serious mistake in falling in love with somebody who cannot be trusted and whose  background you do not know.

The only option left for you at the moment is to inform your parents that you are pregnant. It will be quite embarrassing to tell them that you cannot find your secret lover who had made you pregnant.

Though difficult, your parents will help you with a solution to the problem you find yourself in currently.

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