He spends too much time on his phone

I am in a long distance relationship and I am getting worried because my boyfriend spends too much time on his phone. When he visits me, he can’t put his phone down for an hour.  Recently, he visited me and I asked him to give me his phone briefly because I don’t understand why he can be so glued to his phone even at ungodly hours.

He gave me his password and I saw naked pictures of ladies on his phone. But he claimed he had not met the ladies before. I have told his mother about his addiction to social media and online engagement with naked ladies.

Now he blames me for telling his mother because his mother has lost trust in him. He says he will stop when we get married. Should I continue dating him?

Ohenewaa, Taifa.

Dear Ohenewaa,

Marriage is a lifelong decision. There are no proven super powers that allow people to change from their bad ways after marriage. Discuss your concerns with him, and possible get him some further counselling. However, if all other options fail and you feel your peace and comfort are threatened, you may exit the relationship.

Dear Obaa Yaa,

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