Home-made tomato puree

Home-made tomato puree

Tomatoe Puree

Tomato is an ingredient often used in our homes. When to­mato is in season, it is advisable to make a puree with it.

This can be made in bulk and kept in the freezer for future use.


One bucket of tomatoes

3 large onions


-Wash tomatoes, cut and put in a bowl.

-Peel onions and cut them into chunks.

-Add onions to the diced tomatoes.

-Blend together into a puree.

-Transfer the puree into a large pot. If you do not have a large potcook in small portions.

-Cook on a medium heat for an hour and 30 minutes.

-Stir occasionally for every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure the bottom does not stick and burn.

-After that, turn the heat off and let the puree cool.

-Put in small bowls and store in a freezer. It can be kept in the freezer for up to six months or more. It is perfect for a busy family.

 Benefits of tomato

• Helps protect brain health.

• Helps combat metabolic syndrome.

• Protects heart health.

• Helps prevent constipation.

• Helps prevent Type 2 diabetes.

• Reduces cancer risk.

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