My boyfriend is unhappy with our open relationship

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

My boyfriend happily agreed to an open relationship but now that I am getting a lot more attention than him, he wants to return to monogamy.

I am a 23-year-old woman and he is 24. We met at the university and have been together for four years.

I have always felt like I met him too early. While I love and respect him and want to spend the rest of my life with him, there is so much more I want to experience first.

I want to travel and meet different people. To be honest, I want to have more sexual experiences before I settle down.

I have told my boyfriend I was interested in an open relationship and he had never rejected the idea out rightly, but when I got a job and was posted to a different region, I felt strongly the time was right to put my plan into action.

Although we both love each other and want to stay together this ar­rangement seemed to me the best way to be romantically involved and sexually satisfied while living in different places.

Six months into my posting, I have had four partners while my boyfriend has had none.

Now he says we should end the relationship. Please what should I do?

Esther, Pokuase


Dear Esther,

I must say that it was a bad arrangement in the first place for both of you to have accepted to engage in such ungodly act. For a relationship to thrive, there should be trust and respect but if none is present then the relationship will go nowhere.

If you are ready for a monogamous relationship, then you must stop this behaviour.

You have been unfaithful to your boyfriend for having other partners. Remember you are prone to contracting a sexually transmitted disease easi­ly if you engage in sexual activities with multiple sexual partners.

Forget about exploring the world and settle down with your boyfriend.

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