Relationship tips …advice for single ladies

 1. Someone’s lack of reciprocation is not an invitation for you to convince them of your worth.

Do not use rejection as a reason to prove your worth to somebody who does not see your values. It is not your fault that the other person does not feel the same way.

You cannot choose who you fall in love with, and you cannot con­trol how people feel about you. If you love somebody and they do not reciprocate that love, you have to move on and let them go.

2. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

Some people are in the habit of seeking approval from others for their existence, remember it is your life. You have control over what you choose to do with it and who you choose to be.

You do not have to take permis­sion from somebody else to be your­self. You have the power to make it easy for people to see your worth.

3. Approach a difficult conversa­tion with warmth and vulnerability

Sharing your challenges makes you feel light as if a big weight had been lifted off your shoulders. So much so that you forget all your problems, your pain, and the strug­gle you were going through. The pain of facing a challenging situa­tion, can be overwhelming, and at some point, we need somebody to speak to us with compassion and empathy.

4. Every time you break your boundaries to please someone, you love yourself less

As a single woman, what are your boundaries? It is important to start making a list of things you cannot tolerate or compromise in your life.

Boundaries describe how emo­tionally close you are willing to let people get to you. It describes the things that you are willing to toler­ate in a person. It protects the heart when it feels weak or when you are confused about a person. It is where you draw the line when people do not live up to your expectations- at that point, you decide either for them to change or you quit.

Every time you break your bound­ary, you undervalue yourself and settle for less

5. Just because it could have been different, does not mean it would have been better

Sometimes it is difficult to move on from a breakup. You keep play­ing different versions of “what ifs” in your head instead of focusing on healing, but no amount of “what ifs” can change the past, just accept your mistakes for what they are and move on, you will meet opportuni­ties that will be good or better in the future.

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