Revenge (Part 3)

The following morning, as she was about to leave for work, I went over to her.         

 ‘I need to ask you a very important question. Who -is Ebo’s biological father? She exploded. ‘How can you talk such nonsense? I admit that I made a mistake, but does that mean that you should insult me this way? You are now denying your own son? Listen, if you think you can disgrace me or torment me, you’ve got another thing coming. I warn you!’.             

 ‘I’m not afraid of your threat. I asked you a very simple question. In the couple of months before you got pregnant with Ebo, I was away for two or three days, almost every week. Were you not seeing that boyfriend of yours? I’m not insulting you. I’m asking you a serious question. If you can’t give me a truthful answer, then we will have to go and do a DNA test’.            

 ‘Jeff, you are crazy! You are really crazy! Can’t you see the clear resemblance?’    

‘Elaine answer my simple question. During that period, did you have sex with the man or not? Did you? Can’t you answer? I believed that I was in a perfect relationship with a woman who truly loved me. You are really treacherous Elaine.’ 

For close to a week, we went through the usual routines without speaking to each other, apart from issues concerning Ebo. Then I decided to solve the mystery once and for all. Whilst she was in the bathroom, I checked on her phone and saw the messages. Obviously she had been under so much pressure that she hadn’t deleted the messages.

‘Kobbie, my husband has found out. We need to meet urgently’.                            

 ‘How does that concern me? Everything we have done is by mutual consent. But I have never interfered in your marriage’.           

  ‘Don’t talk nonsense. He’s raising some very serious issues which I can’t discuss here. Either we meet or I take it where you don’t like’.                                                                                           

 ‘I’m busy this week. So Monday or Tuesday’.                                                                                         

 ‘If it was sex you would have shown up in 30 minutes. 10 o’clock at the usual place tomorrow. If you don’t show up, you will be very sorry’.                                             

 As I drove to work, I called the guy.            

 ‘Good morning Kobby. This is Elaine’s husband. I need to discuss a very important issue with you’. After a couple of minutes silence he spoke.                      

  ‘I don’t think I have anything to discuss with you’.                                                         

 ‘Okay. Let me make it easier for you. We need to discuss the paternity of Elaine’s son, Ebo. I want to find out which one of us is the father. I’m going to arrange for a paternity test at JT’s Laboratories at 5pm tomorrow. If you don’t show up, I will first call your wife and discuss it with her. Then I will go to your faculty and discuss it with your Head of Department. I’m sure they can get you to cooperate’.                  

‘Okay. I will be there. Thank you’. 

Elaine and her parents were waiting when I got home. Elaine went on the attack. She had obviously been speaking with Kobby.      

‘Jeff, do you know that what you are doing is insane? How can you do this to Ebo? So if at the end of the day it turns out that he is your son, how will you make amends for your stupidity? Are you so blind that Ebo is a spitting image of you?’ Her father managed to calm her down.

‘My son, when we were here last week we pleaded with you to have mercy on your wife, forgive her and get on with your life. We didn’t hear from you, but sadly we are learning that you are questioning my grandson’s paternity. I want to beg you once again. Kindly have mercy on Elaine, and let’s put all this behind us’.                 

‘With the greatest of respect, Daddy, Elaine has admitted that she was having sex with the other man during the weeks leading to her conception. I was away from home for two or three days in every week in Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale. Please don’t make me give you the disgraceful details. The test is absolutely necessary.

If it is confirmed that Ebo is my son, I would be very happy. But if he isn’t, then his real father has the right to take him. I’m sure you will agree that it is very wrong to take a child away from his father. 

Aside from that, I am finding it difficult to understand how Elaine was able to go through the whole process of courtship and wedding with me whilst she was involved with another man. I’m also begging you. Let’s establish Ebo’s paternity, and deal with the other issues later. 

I’ve already booked the appointment for five o’clock tomorrow evening. The other man has agreed to be there’.      

To be continued 

Ekow De Heer   

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