Some signs your relationship is healthy

Some signs your relationship is healthy

There’s an essential factor in your life which you just as easily hold the key to for keeping it safe and sound. And that’s relationships. They too can be healthy if only what you and your partner have assures your relationship is doing both of you good, individually as well as collectively.

If not, it’ll just shrivel away and leave you and your partner on no solid ground.

There is faith

Your partner believes in you even when you lose all faith in yourself. You know them completely as a person, inside out and acknowledge what they lack yet you do not talk about them behind their back to your family and friends.

You forget who you are so they bring you back to existence by reminding you and you do the same for them. When one falters, the other is there to pick them up and move forward again. This kind of affirmative faith in each other ensures a healthy relationship that will last a long time.

There is trust

You both trust each other enough to do things your own way yet remain loyal only to one another. You do not go looking into their personal stuff nor do they look into yours and trust each other to handle issues themselves, without cheating on the other. When they break a promise or cannot fulfill some responsibility, there is enough trust between you two that you do not hold it over their head and put baseless blames on them.

They do the same for you. If you have such an unflinching, unmoving trust in your relationship then it can stand the test of time because everything else in a relationship is based on the moral of trust. – Continue reading on next page

There is mutual acceptance

So you both know each other’s pasts; know the kind of upbringing you both had; all the past lovers you have been with; every past mistake you made yet both of you accept each other the way it is that is a sure sign for the relationship that is going to last. You do not try to control your partner to make them do things your way nor do they control you. Neither of you questions each other’s motives for doing what they do.

There is gratitude

You both appreciate the little things you do for each other. No one is waiting for the new job or for the salary bump; to move in to the different city, or for the next trip to make things interesting in the relationship.

You and your partner are truly grateful for what you have right now in the present. Both of you find contentment and peace with what you have together and no one plays the dangerous game of if only. There is no rushing into things either. Both you and your partner focus on the path you are walking upon together and the whole process of it, not the destination.

There is good communication

Both of you realise how essential it is to resolve petty little issues, work past temporary setbacks and be happy again. And in order to do that, there exists good communication between you and your partner. You speak your mind and do not mind what you speak.

There is no hesitation or withholding of anything between the two of you in fact, letting out what you both feel seems like the most comfortable thing to do. You both listen to one another and take heed of what the other wants, or what needs to be changed so things would be better.


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