Can l marry from this family?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I fell in love with a beautiful lady who has the qualities of a good mother.  All this while, we have made feverish preparations towards getting married as soon as our financial conditions improve.

Unfortunately, my father has revealed to me that my marriage to the lady would not be possible because he had had a long relationship with an aunt of my fiancé.

Since this revelation, l have not been able to sleep or eat. It looks as though my world was going to crumble within days and life did not mean anything to me.

I deliberately brought my aunt into the discussion so that she could convince my father to change his view.  Despite all persuasions he has failed to change his mind.

What shall l do since my father is adamant, and this lady is very dear to my heart and l cannot do without her?

Frank- Koforidua.

Dear Frank,

Culture is an integral part of our lives, as such we must adhere to the cultural practices of our areas.

Since your father was in relationship with your fiancée’s aunt, it would not be prudent for you to marry the lady of your heart.

This explains why it is necessary for family elders to do thorough background checks of prospective members who intend to marry. Such elders look for possible problems to ensure that a good decision is taken.

Try to find out if it would be possible to offer sacrifices to appease the gods, or reverse whatever infringements that might have been committed.

Until such options are complied with, you cannot marry this lady of your heart.

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