I am hurt by his actions

Dear Obaa Yaa,

As teenagers, we attended the same Senior High School and became close friends after some years.

Having gotten satisfied with the hope that we could spend our lives as a lovely couple, we planned to tie the knot.   

Unfortunately, l lost my father through a fatal motor accident and this had affected our scheduled wedding.       

We had no choice but to reschedule our wedding to enable me to concentrate on my father’s funeral.

He stood by me during our period of grief through to the burial of my late father. 

During the period, l discovered that my fiancé had changed since he did not have time for me as he used to.

When l complained about change in his attitude, he told me that he wanted me to relax after l was done with my father’s funeral.

At the time the dust had settled for us to get back to serious business, my fiancé had changed and did not have time for me again.

The change in attitude gave me the premonition that there was something bad going on in our relationship.      

Three weeks ago, l deduced from his statement that we could not live as a couple in the future.

However, l tried to conceal my anger and prayed that things should change.

A few weeks later, he disclosed to me that he was no longer interested in the relationship because his mother was against it.

l was  embarrassed and  planned  never  to accept proposal from any gentleman in life.

Should l go by my decision?

Tina, Takoradi.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dear Tina,

l feel sorry  that but for the demise  of your father, your  scheduled marriage with this gentleman  could have taken place.

It is unfortunate that your relationship has ended this way.

l can envisage the pains  you are experiencing now. Take heart and brace up for a better future because you cannot understand God’s plan for you. This marriage could have ended on a bad note.

Though l cannot tell how old you are, l must advise you not to shut your doors to any gentleman who may express the interest to marry you in the future.

You are yet to meet your Mr right.

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